Bet on the ECM/DMS software

How to improve the flow of documents in the company?

Bet on the ECM/DMS software

We all probably still remember how much – around May 25th – there was said about the safety of the personal information stored and processed by European companies. Everything due to the changing data security policies established by the European Parliament and the Council. The so-called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) introduced a list of new laws and regulations urging the businesses to carefully handle their customer’s information. More about that in one of our publications here:

As the phrase “gdpr” started trending, many businesses referred to it in their real-time advertisement posts. A company selling GDPR-proof closets (!) gained popularity on Polish LinkedIn. As funny as it may seem, it had a real effect on the market where a lot of people keep paper copies of the documents and a few know how to act on the new legal situation. The big question is if we really need to get heavy metal furniture and lock our documentation up?

The study conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) shows that as much as 42% of enterprises struggle with inefficient document processing. 70% of the respondents complain about the time they spend searching for content. A frequent case is the disappearance of materials circulating in the paper form – this applies to 7.5% of all the documents which are processed in enterprises.

The answer to the question about the future of paper files is quite simple. It is safe to say that in the era of common technology the issue of huge archives will be solved sooner or later. We are already used to electronic invoices in B2C relations. Why, then, in the B2B, people still insist on the paper version of each document? It probably comes from the perception that a certificate with a stamp secures the business more than its electronic version.

There are of course documents that are best kept in the original form with handwritten signatures. Choosing between a scan or a paper copy, however, should be simple. There is no need to print out invoices or contracts in 3 (or more) duplicates. The electronic version is not only easier to use, but also saves you the time and the valuable office space. If you fear the hackers or simply do not want to lose control over the versioning – remember that the threat of destroying paper is actually much greater. In order to keep your digital archive safe and neat simply invest in a good ECM/DMS software! We do have a suggestion which one ?

What are the ECM/DMS systems used for?

What are Enterprise Content Management and Document Management System? The difference between these two classes of software is very subtle. Both tools help to manage the flow of documents and are platforms for the organization of electronic archives. eVolpe offers you an Open Source ECM/DMS solution called Alfresco, which includes a number of mechanisms for intelligent classification, archiving and data processing. Because of its open code, it can also be adapted to the individual requirements of a particular organization.

Advantages of ECM/DMS systems

The implementation of the ECM/DMS software ensures:
• space savings,
• reduction of the time spent on administrative tasks,
• simplification of the searching through archives,
• clear rules for describing documents,
• control over the rights to view and/or to edit the documents,
• transparent versioning,
• data security.

Saving space and time
By implementing a system such as Alfresco you are able to digitalize most of the processes around the paperwork at your company. With this difference that this time there is no actual paper involved. Hence the space savings. You no longer need a significant part of the storage space in your building. Additionally, instead of flipping through dusty files, you can simply use the search engine available in the system. A few mouse clicks and the correct document appears on the screen of your computer. See how much time you have just saved?

Increase in the operational efficiency
Document automation also means greater operational efficiency in the company. An employee who, due to the position held in the company, received the appropriate systemic authorization, can freely make changes in the resources. The transparency of tracing previous versions and the possibility of returning to the view of the document before the changes are preserved. Thus, the risk of destroying a document on which irreversible annotations were applied drops significantly.

Saving money

The ECM/DMS solution does not require any additional equipment. Just the devices such as a computer, laptop, phone plus the Internet connection are sufficient to start working. The Alfresco system offered by eVolpe is even available from the browser and can, therefore, be used by employees who are working remotely outside the company’s main office. While it is rather difficult to obtain a copy of a paper document if not in the headquarters, access to the electronic version of resources, thanks to the ECM/DMS software, is unlimited.

If your company does not have its own server infrastructure where the system could be installed – it is possible to use eVolpe hosting services. In this case, server support and maintenance gets added to the list of your savings.

Securing your know-how and the personal data of clients

In the case of losing a paper document (eg. due to a fire or a flood), its recovery is virtually impossible. If using the ECM/DMS system you can easily restore seemingly lost versions. Not only the know-how of the company but also personal data of clients is secured. Remember that it is necessary to take particular care of them after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced! In addition, the ECM solution is equipped with comprehensive audit paths and proactive reporting techniques that could be used to track suspicious behavior, such as custom usage patterns or logging in after hours.

Integration of CRM and ECM/DMS software

It is a good idea to integrate the ECM/DMS with the CRM software. This ensures the preservation of the order and context in the archive. Furthermore, the possibility of showing the appropriate file directly in the record of a specific customer speeds up the work of the sales team. It is possible to move around contracts, invoices, references, complaints, etc. We can assure you that when you start to work like that, it will be difficult to imagine going back to just the standard version of Alfresco, let alone a paper company documentation.

ecm dms software ecm dms software

In cooperation with eVolpe, you can – not only – implement the ECM/DMS and CRM software as two separate entities but also ensure their mutual harmony. If you are already using a software from our range of products, all you need to do is download the integration package available in the online store here:


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