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crm for b2c
30 Nov 2017
CRM for B2C? Try Sugar!

Many of our customers ask us about businesses from similar branches of the economy that have decided to use Sugar as their CRM solution. They very often want to know if the system can be adjusted in order to answer their specific needs. Because CRM...

crm data base
24 Oct 2017
9 areas of CRM data base

Usually, when we explain what is CRM,  we limit ourselves to resolving the abbreviation and simply saying: Customer Relationship Management. This is a comprehensive, yet understandable statement that usually suffices as a definition. We use it both during phone calls with the customers and while...

Sales Force Automation 2017 Magic Quadrant
09 Aug 2017
SugarCRM a visionary of Sales Force Automation

The customer relationship management system from SugarCRM was once again placed at the forefront of market-leading solutions. At eVolpe, we are observing the unshakable SugarCRM's vision of constant innovation and the endeavor to take over from Salesforce. It makes us believe that in the long run...

sugar 7.9
19 May 2017
Sugar 7.9 is now available!

Find out what's new in the latest version of the system. As the official SugarCRM Elite Partner, we are rushing with the news about the latest Sugar release. Sugar 7.9 brings a revolution to the brand new Quotes module, which was redesigned from the ground up....

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