system: Sugar


implementation methodology: Scrum


users: +20


integrations: Outlook


project delivery: May 2019


OKECHAMP S.A. is a modern, international company, a leader in the production and processing of mushrooms in Poland. Being an expert in mushroom cultivation gained them a unique market advantage related to full control of the entire mushroom production chain, from compost to the final product. The company also owns the OLE! brand, which is present on the Polish market for over 25 years.


HQ:  Poznań, Poland

industry: food production

www: okechamp.pl


  • troublesome work with Excel sheets
  • unstructured purchasing process
  • complicated quoting procedures
  • customer knowledge dispersed on employees’ mailboxes
  • lack of a centralized database
  • GDPR compliance


Data centralization

Unification of the customer service

Constant, convenient access to customer data

Saving time on operational work

Increase in team communication efficiency

Ensuring compliance with the GDPR

A new way of sending queries to suppliers


Customer Relationship Management

The project for OKECHAMP S.A. taught us that Sugar 8 is a perfect tool for a company from the food industry. The standard customer service process perfectly meets the needs of our client. The Leads, Contacts and Accounts division, and the idea of conducting Sales Opportunities is the exact reflection of the sales process in a production and processing company. Up to before the Sugar implementation OKECHAMP kept everything on their e-mail boxes and Excel spreadsheets. It now has been added to the CRM system and creates a transparent repository of knowledge about the course of customer relations.

New Quotes

eVolpe has found a way to combine the benefits of a database stored in the CRM system with the industry-rooted practice of exchanging Excel spreadsheets. The Sugar platform enables automatic generation of such documents. Based on the product catalog entered into the CRM, the relevant cells in the Offer sheet get completed. The user do not need to rewrite or copy-paste anything. In addition, thanks to the Outlook plug-in, all communication is archived in the system. It is possible to trace its course at any time.

Purchase process operations

Similar to the offering process looks the communication with the suppliers. Also in this case Excel files are still useful. Automation by eVolpe saves time previously spent on filling out those documents. A new query can now be generated automatically based on data stored in the system. Just select the product, quantity and expected delivery date and hit “generate query”. All you need to do is send the properly completed document to the selected e-mail addresses.

Product database

Both processes: offering to customers and submitting inquiries with suppliers – would not be possible without a detailed product catalog in the system. eVolpe has filled Sugar with relevant information during professional data migration. Everything the team needs to do is keep the data base up to date and regularly fill in the system with new records.

Lead source recognition

OKECHAMP often participates in various events and fairs. The CRM system allows them to then distinguish the source of new customer acquisition. Thanks to Lead source recognition feature they always are aware which channels convert best, which events are worth visiting, what marketing campaign is worth investing in.

Customer relation status

OKECHAMP uses three statuses for describing the customer: Potential, Present and Former. To save the sales team members from unnecessary manual work – we have set rules that automate the change of status based on the conditions indicated by OKECHAMP. “Former” is the only status that can also be set manually.


On May 25, 2018, new regulation regarding the protection of personal data became effective. One of the challenges was to find a way to align OKECHAMP’s company procedures with the EU regulation. Due to the transfer of the customer data base to the CRM system, it became possible to send out an information clause regarding the principles of personal data processing by OKECHAMP. In addition, saving a new lead or contact generates automatic sending of this clause to the e-mail address provided in the record.

Absence management (out-of-box)

An interesting part of the project was adding the out-of-box module by eVolpe called Substitutions. It allows the users to manage absences in the sales team. The mechanism enables collective, temporary assignment of records to another account manager. The deputy receives temporary access to information about the clients of the absent sales person. That way, the continuity of relationships is maintained, the client no longer gets just the autoresponder, and their requests are handled at OKECHAMP without any delay.

Excellent forecasts for the industry

OKECHAMP S.A. among the leaders in mushroom production


Projected compound annual growth rate for 2019-2026



Average annual consumption of mushrooms

per capita in Poland


Annual increase

in mushroom consumption in Poland

Krystian Szudyga

President of the Mushroom Industry Association

Puls Biznesu

“Poland is the largest producer of mushrooms in Europe – up to 280.000 from 1 million tonnes of mushrooms produced on the continent. “

M. Szczepańska

Puls Biznesu

Puls Biznesu

35.000 tons

“We are the only company in Poland which produces compost, grows mushrooms, processes them and additionally buys several thousand tons of them. We deliver a total of 35,000 tons of mushrooms per year.

Leszek Ejsmont


Puls Biznesu

Marek Pajor

IT Director


The Sugar system met our expectations and implementation requirements. It proved to be flexible and susceptible to further development and adaptation.  Also, eVolpe is a very experienced implementation partner.

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