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SpiceCRM allows you to manage sales lead generation campaigns.

  • Marketing Campaigns Calendar – allows you to plan the costs and duration of each campaign.
  • Target lists – define the focus group for each campaign.
  • Creation of the campaign with the use of SpiceCRM Mail-Templates or integration with MailChimp or Outlook.
  • Measuring the impact of campaigns on lead generation and further conversion. In-depth analytics and data reporting.

Generated leads get assigned to appropriate employees in order to qualify and effectively transform them into sales opportunities.

  • 100% configurable
  • Visualization of sales stages – allows to state if all required steps have been taken on.
  • The lead’s activity panel allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the history of previous contacts.
  • Effortless conversion of leads and creation of sales opportunities.
  • A reporting engine that provides enormous capabilities to measure KPIs, or check conversion rates.

It is the most difficult, but the most satisfying stage of the entire process leading directly to the sale. SpiceCRM allows you to follow the latest selling trends. In addition to the classic CRM functions related to offers, the system also provides:

  • graphical guide to the next stages of sales, which ensures full control over the tasks to be performed
  • recognition of the buying committee on the client’s side – according to Gartner’s latest research on B2B sales, buying group consists of up to 10 people. In SpiceCRM, you can point out all the members of the purchasing committee and define their role, attitude and level of decision-making
  • comparison of your offer and the competition’s proposal – SpiceCRM enables gathering information about the competition’s offer, along with information on their strengths and weaknesses

The natural consequence of winning an opportunity and signing a contract is the launch of a new project for the client.

  • With SpiceCRM you will easily create, schedule and prioritize new projects
  • You can also define the structure of the project, divide the work and assign employees to specific tasks
  • You can plan, prioritize and assign each task in advance to appropriate people. You can also trace the effects using the Gantt chart
  • Team members get to register all their activities in the project view; they can report the execution of outsourced tasks and plan resources

Flexibility and ease of use

The key to user adoption is the flexibility of configuration and ease of use of the system. SpiceCRM provides a modern and ergonomic user interface, available on any device (desktop and mobile). The idea is for the sales team to be able to use SpiceCRM exactly the way they need it. It is possible to adapt its appearance and functions to individual preferences. There is no problem to use it on a computer, tablet or via a mobile application running on Android or iOS. You will easily integrate SpiceCRM with Outlook, GSuite or Lotus Notes. In addition, the open source code enables creation of dedicated modules, which personalize the system even more.

Lightning Design for SpiceUI

Do you like Salesforce, but do not want to pay for licenses? SpiceCRM is the right tool for you! The SpiceUI was built with AngularJS (the latest UI framework provided by Google) and based on the Lightning Design System. Lightning Design makes the software look modern and user-friendly. The creators of SpiceCRM did not stop there. While creating the interface they took into account the usability, speed and flexibility of the system, thanks to which the number of clicks needed to perform particular tasks is very limited.

Spice mobile

The SpiceCRM project began to create a modern mobile CRM application. Over time, it transformed into a full-fledged CRM system, drawing on the mobility required in today’s business world. SpiceCRM is meant to work on any device. It offers mobile application for both Android and iOS, as well as the full responsiveness of the web version. Regardless of the divice or your location, you always connect to the same platform and the same set of configuration and management tools.

System built on permanent foundation

SpiceCRM is built on the foundation of the latest version of the most popular Open Source CRM system – SugarCRM Community Edition. The developers of SpiceCRM went a step further and connected it with other modern technologies. The code base is written in PHP and supports its latest versions. SpiceCRM was built on MySQL. Optionally, MSSQL, Postgress and Oracle are also supported. As the REST Framework they have used fast SLIM. The global search engine works on the basis of the most popular Elastic engine.

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