What CRM is the best? Find out with this simple quiz!

What CRM is the best? Find out with this simple quiz!

Janusz Sobczak
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Check your company’s CRM personality! Answer 12 questions in CRM Generator quiz.

Are you looking for a CRM software for your company? Have you been asked to research the market? People on LinkedIn flooded your feed with their clearly biased recommendations? Here is a tool that will help you discover your true CRM nature.

What CRM is the best?

It depends on your individual requirements, business model and other external factor. A good way to find out is by answering 12 questions in the survey called CRM Generator. That way you can quickly recognize your company’s so-called CRM personality and pick a software that suits it best.

What is CRM Generator by eVolpe?

CRM Generator is a quiz that will help you recognize your own requirements towards a CRM software. It is enough to answer 12 simple questions to get a description of the CRM character you really are. We will also recommend you one of the 4 systems from our portfolio, but that is secondary. What really counts is to finally find out how to narrow down the options to only those which answer individual preferences of your organization.

Do not waste more time on getting through countless marketing materials, which only contradict one another. Reading through just the first Google page after searching the phrase “what CRM should I get” will take you what feels like forever. Then, our quiz is only 4 minutes!

How does CRM Generator work?

CRM Generator is a survey of 12 CRM-related questions. Depending on the boxes you check, it provides you with one of four possible results. Every CRM personality archetype (King, Wizard, Secret Agent, Sales Revolutionary) is linked with different software recommendation (Sugar, SuiteCRM, SpiceCRM, OroCRM). Go to https://evolpe.com/crm-generator/ and find out what is the outcome you would get.

What is your company’s CRM personality?

The answer to your question “What is the best CRM?” is not necessarily the same as the one I would give to your neighbor. It depends on so many circumstances. This is why throwing names of applications at you does not help much. Let’s try something else. Starting with your individual business process and some external factors which most likely will influence your choice anyway.

CRM Generator determines if you are a King, a Wizard, a Secret Agent or a true Sales Revolutionary. Depending on the result we will recommend you one of the following CRM systems: Sugar, SuiteCRM, SpiceCRM or OroCRM. Use it as a benchmark while continuing with the research. You already know what any software provider will ask you. Expect the questions from our quiz to be repeated by any IT consultant on your list. Or perhaps you will find the best match among eVolpe’s products. Either way, you just save a lot of time. I assure you.

Personalized UX of evolpe.com

I invite you to invest 4 minutes of your day and take this quiz. In return, you will get a personalized experience of evolpe.com – tailored to recognized CRM personality of your organization. We will show you articles, videos, e-books and case studies relevant to the obtained result. We will not ask you for any contact details or company info. The tool is entirely free of charge! You are the one to decide if you need to reach out and ask for more information. I will gladly assist you.

Let’s talk about the best CRM software for you!

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Janusz Sobczak
Latest posts by Janusz Sobczak (see all)