gastronomy equipment

system: Sugar + customer portal


implementation methodology: Scrum


users: 100


integrations: GUS, Alfresco, Mautic, Symfonia ER, Outlook


project delivery: 2020


deployment: eVolpe Cloud

Hendi – manufacturer of professional gastronomy equipment such as: porcelain and dishes, small kitchen appliances and specialized refrigeration and heating devices.


headquarters:  Gądki (Poznań), Poland

business model: B2B + B2C

www: hendi.pl


  • 4 companies: Hendi, Grafen, Fine Dine, Gastro Rental
  • separate instances of the ERP system for each company
  • dispersed data base
  • no CRM system
  • difficult access to information about sales results
  • reporting problems
  • difficulties related to customer service


  • coherent database
  • integration of all ERP instances with one CRM system
  • aggregation of knowledge about customer relations
  • keeping record of potential clients in the new Leads module
  • sales target tracking
  • automation of reporting
  • customer service optimization
  • online enterprise documentation management
  • automation of customer data acquisition during fairs and conferences (forms)



For Hendi, we have implemented the CRM system by an American manufacturer from Silicon Valley – SugarCRM. Due to the business need of our client, we have expanded the software with a customer service portal. It is possible to log in, report and observe the status of service requests. Finally, the appropriate protocol is generated.


Hendi uses the Marketing Automation system called Mautic. They need it – among other things – to collect customer data and appropriate, GDPR complied consents during fairs and conferences. Customers are provided with an electronic form, where they can express their willingness to engage in further business talks. All knowledge on this subject is saved in the system. Thanks to this feature, the job of a sales consultant is much simpler and more effective.


The CRM system implemented in Hendi has been integrated with the DSM/ECM software  called Alfresco. Thanks to this feature, the organization adopted a fully electronic and automated form of document management. The uploaded into the CRM system quotations, offers, contracts or protocols are visible in a separate subpanel. It definitely organizes knowledge and speeds up customer service.


Hendi uses several instances of the ERP system to support various areas of their business. The CRM system collects it all in one place, creating a coherent data base. They receive a 360° view on relationships with each business partner, regardless of the company that has formally provided support and invoiced the client.


In addition to the standard web application, Hendi has also got the mobile version of the Sugar system. The employees get to work with the CRM regardless of the preferable device. It is possible to use Sugar on the computer, tablet or smartphone. The variety of options comes handy especially during numerous business trips. The mobile app works also without the Internet connection.


The system collects all E-mail correspondence exchanged with customers. Both outgoing and incoming messages can be conveniently linked with the appropriate record in the system. New leads can also be created and completed directly from Outlook.


The CRM system allows to accurately track the level of sales target. The information gets displayed on a very accessible Gauge Dashlet, directly on the main system dashboard.

Bartosz Koczorowski

E-commerce Project Manager


Our new CRM system implemented in Hendi by the eVolpe is an ideal tool for an enterprise with a dispersed organizational structure. Thanks to Sugar, we now have a consistent database of contractors and full awareness of our operations.

Customer success story

2019 in Hendi

  • awarded in the Forbes Diamonds plebiscite
  • 600 new products
  • new store in Warsaw
  • new logo!
  • construction of a logistics center
  • fairs and congresses: Euro Gastro, HOST, Congress of Chefs, Expo Sweet

New Logistics Center for Hendi Group

Forbes Diamonds once again for Hendi!

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