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Free of license fees

One of the undisputed advantages of SuiteCRM is that it is free of license-related costs. Authors of this system guarantee that downloading and using it will never be charged with additional costs and their product will be always available under AGPL3 license.

SuiteCRM is currently the only free CRM system that can compete with such brands as SugarCRM, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In the context of upcoming functionality announced by developers and free updates, this platform is definitely worthy alternative to commercial solutions.

Strong foundations

SuiteCRM is based on the last entirely free community edition of SugarCRM. Thanks to that, it is already fully functioning and mature CRM system even though it was released at the end of 2013.

Compared to the last community edition of SugarCRM, this system was enriched with a wide range of additional functions and improvements. Modules such as Products, Workflow, Maps, Events or Teams became immanent parts of the system. Its users can also enjoy such features as advanced reporting or internal search engine that was significantly improved since SugarCRM CE 6.5

Dozens of plug-ins

Results of work done by community of developers dedicated to SuiteCRM has been reflected in availability of dozens of free plug-ins that can easily expand the basic functionality of the system.

Plug-ins that are already made enable to make a use of new functions in such areas as reporting, mobile access, marketing or administration. There are also extensions that allow to quickly integrate SuiteCRM with Asterisk (communication service) or e-mail clients MS Outlook and Thunderbird.


Rapid development of this system is undoubtedly caused by significant and active community. The official SuiteCRM forum is vibrant and every other version of this platform is perceptively audited by commited developers.

Part of developers making a foundation of success of SugarCRM Comminity Edition is currently involved in developing and improving SuiteCRM. Thanks to that, this system is quickly growing and with every version it offers better and better default functionality.

Free of charge CRM – professional services

eVolpe is a group of specialists with a vast experience in the area of customization, implementation and integration of open-source CRM systems. Our competences gained over the years of work with community edition of SugarCRM fluently transformed into an expert knowledge of SuiteCRM.

Thanks to eVolpe, SuiteCRM can successfully function even in the largest enterprises. Beside of professional business analysis and making in-depth modifications of the system according to customer’s needs we offer hosting the system on our fast and robust servers.


Sales management

Customer database, sales process management, opportunity tracking and forecasting

  • Central database of key information about accounts and contractors
  • Handling leads from the first contact up to converting into an account
  • Possibility of sales forecasting and setting targets
  • Monitoring sales funnel

Marketing campaigns, mass-mailing, budgeting of marketing activities

  • Marketing campaigns, mass-mailing, budgeting of marketing activities
  • Managing target groups
  • Possibility of tracking reactions on marketing campaigns (who read an e-mail, who deleted it, who used call to action)
  • Tracking costs, ROI and efficiency of campaigns
  • Possibility of creating target groups based on any criteria

Allows to define automatic actions in the system across every module.

  • Allows to define automatic actions in the system across every module
  • Possibility of generating automations for every record or only new/modified ones
  • Possibility of defining conditions based on content of a field
  • Allows to define any number of conditions
  • Logical conditions based on defined values or values from different fields
  • Possible actions:
    • Creating record
    • Modifying record
    • Modifying related record
    • Notification
  • A tool that allows to audit defined processes

Automated invoicing system that allows to choose products from the catalogue or defining particular positions while creating an invoice

  • Possibility of storing purchase invoices
  • Categorization of costs of each invoice position
  • Controlling status of payment for each invoice
  • Possibility of connecting with original invoice document
  • Automated calculation of net/gross/tax values for each invoice
  • Connecting and creating payments for each invoice
  • Possibility of including costs of transport
  • Exporting invoices to PDF
  • Possibility of merging duplicated invoices

Creating and archiving quotes and estimations prepared for accounts.

  • Possibility of choosing products and services from catalogue or defining them for particular offer
  • Summing up total value of a quote with possibility of applying discounts
  • Tracking status of a quote
  • Connection with invoices (i.e. converting a quote into an invoice)
  • Possibility of sending a quote to a customer directly from the module
  • Generating contracts based on quotes

Integration with Google Maps allowing to find customers within defined area

  • Possibility of looking up address data from records from various modules (i.e. Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Targets, Opportunities, Cases, Projects, Meetings)
  • Looking up customers based on defined location
  • Presenting search results in the form of lists and tags on a map
  • Defining areas on maps and assigning them to users of the system
  • Possibility of displaying defined map in a form of a dashlet
Catalogue of products and services

Categorized repository of every product and service offered by a company

  • Defining type of record as a service or a product
  • Defining groups of products and services
  • Possibility of building elaborate hierarchy of categories regardless of groups of products
  • Mass actualization
  • Exporting catalogue to a CSV file

Managing credentials of groups of users regarding particular records within the system.

  • Defining multiple teams within an organization
  • Possibility of assigning to a team every user with a particular role
  • Defining credentials of a team to view or edit a particular record
Additional functionality
  • PDF templates editor
    • Possibility of defining PDF templates from the level of a WYSIWYG editor
    • Possibility of mapping fields available within the system
  • Client portal
    • Portal for communicating with customers
    • Allows a customer to report issue and communication with support team
  • Project management
    • Defining templates of projects containing default tasks that has to be done
    • Generating Gannt’s charts for created projects

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