eVolpe offers comprehensive implementation services of Open Source enterprise management systems – from business analysis, solution concept and selection of suitable infrastructure, through the implementation of additional functionality, up to the training of personnel, system start-up and post-implementation support. Our personnel consists of certified business consultants, developers, trainers, pre-sales engineers and sales representatives, which enables us to professionally execute these services.

We will safely and effectively guide your company through all stages of implementation of the software, following our proven implementation methodologies.

We will identify and examine the main needs of your company, and on this basis we will offer you the optimal solution concept.

We will design and create dedicated functional modules to fully customize your system to your company’s current requirements.

We will integrate all the elements of your infrastructure in order to maintain data integrity and minimize performance of manual actions.

We will advise you in the selection of the most suitable solution and functionality range, so that your company will gain an effective work tool.

We will carry out professional End-user and Admin-user training of the system, so that your personnel can experience the full potential of your company’s software.

We will free you of the need to supervise and maintain an expensive hardware infrastructure – we will move your systems into our „cloud”.

We will provide your company with system updates, security, support, reliable access and further development of the software based on the current needs.


The main services of eVolpe are comprehensive, professional implementations of business systems – from business analysis, through creating and implementing a solution concept, up to system start-up and post-implementation services and support. Through the execution of numerous projects, we have gained the know-how and developed successful methodologies, providing our clients with optimal support system for the management of key areas of the business.

As a result of our hard work and full commitment to providing modern IT solutions, we have gained the trust of customers from different sectors of the economy. Our experience will allow us to guide your company through the various stages of implementation, up to achieving expected benefits.

Execution of the implementation based on the right methodology allows for effective cooperation between the client and the implementation company, which in turn leads to the success of the project. For this reason, eVolpe carries the implementation process using both traditional and agile methodology based on SCRUM. Bearing in mind the specific needs and requirements of our customers and project assumptions, we choose jointly the most suitable methodology.


Effective system infrastructure should be a key component in modern enterprises. Achieving tangible benefits is possible only by selection of a suitable solution and its comprehensive implementation. A key element of the implementation process is a professional pre-implementaion analysis.

eVolpe is not just an IT company, we also render consulting services. Being the link between the IT and the business world allows us to provide maximum benefits of modern technology. Our main goal is to provide the client with a useful tool, fully customized to his needs and business processes and supporting the enterprise in more efficient and more effective functioning.

Reliable analysis conducted by eVolpe will enable the creation of a concept solution perfectly customized to the needs of your company.

Dedicated modules

Our experience as developers, gained through implementation of open source software, enabled us to make a significant contribution to the development of solutions offered by us.

Thanks to the innovation of our company, we have created many innovative solutions in the form of modules, which have been approved by the global community.We are aware of the fact that every business has specific needs and strategies.

System integrations

In most cases, there is no possibility of using a system designed „for everything”. Each element of the company’s infrastructure is responsible for supporting specific areas and reaching individual goals. In such situation an integration between different systems is necessary.

Not only will this allow to reduce the duration of the operational activities related with the necessity to fill in data in several places, but it will also minimize human error and eliminate data inconsistencies.

Therefore eVolpe will see to it that all the solutions used in your enterprise are optimally integrated with each other.


The basis for obtaining benefits from IT support for business is choosing the right system and the range of its functionality. Otherwise, the customer bears excess costs while offered functionality significantly exceeds the needs of his company. Even worse situation occurs when improperly designed system is not compatible with the processes and instead of streamlining daily work, is an added impediment.

eVolpe guarantees its customers a full professionalism in selecting a suitable solution. Basing on our experience, we will choose the type and range of functionality of the system ideal for your company. This will give you assurance, that you will not incur excess costs for functionality that will never be used in your company. At the same time, we will identify all areas requiring informatization so the implemented system can fully meet your requirements.


Implementation of reliable IT tools supporting the management of your company and profits generated by their use cannot provide expected results without a well-trained personnel. To live up to the expectations, eVolpe conducts comprehensive personnel training for both End-user and Admin-user of advanced business IT systems.

Practical workshops carried out by us will allow your employees not only to obtain a broad knowledge in handling selected solutions, but also to acquire practical skills in using tools supporting the effectiveness of their work.

We provide a wide range of training and support for your personnel enabling them to achieve proficiency in unassisted handling of the chosen system.

From now on, your personnel will be able to take full advantage of implemented solutions, to further improve their work and to increase the efficiency of your company.


Creating and maintenance of an IT infrastructure is a costly investment for the company. For this reason, companies started searching for alternative ways of modern and efficient management of its IT facilities. Recent studies clearly indicate that the greatest savings can be found through outsourcing of IT services.

To maximize your business benefits we are offering a professional hosting services that will allow your company to break free from unnecessary equipment and the need of constant monitoring of the IT infrastructure. From now on, your IT facilities will operate in a safe and reliable cloud so you can sleep peacefully.

What will you gain?:

• complete outsourcing of the IT infrastructure,
• hosting of any IT systems (especially those based on Open Source license),
• very high performance of the systems through the use of specialized servers,
• environment completely optimized for hosting IT systems,
• allocation of the data in a professional Data Centre,
• dependability and reliability of continuous access to the system,
• guarantee of data security.

Maintenance & support

Implementation of the system never ends at the start of its use. Reliable and dependable care over a running solution is essential. Thanks to that, the system continuously brings real benefits and you can feel secure about it.

As part of our service we offer a selection of a suitable service package, customized to the individual needs of your business, which will provide:

  • Maintenance of the current trends thanks to updating to the latest version,
  • Maintenance of the continuity of access to the system and rapid elimination of faults,
  • Technical support and consultations for the personnel,
  • Further development of the system based on current needs.