Wisła Kraków

Wisła Kraków S.A.

system: SpiceCRM


methodology: Waterfall


users: +10


hosting: eVolpe Cloud


project delivery: 2019


Polish football club from Kraków.


industry: football club


business model: B2C + B2B


www: wisla.krakow.pl


  • Scattered database of sponsors, partners and accounts
  • The need to improve sales team effectivity
  • Difficulties related to sales reporting

The sports club business model is something more than just traditional tickets distribution. It also means cooperation with companies regarding sponsorship packages. It was this second type of relationships which required translation into the CRM system in this case.


Business partners database

SpiceCRM allowed to organize the database and the sponsorship benefits. Available options include: season tickets, VIP tickets, advertising around the field, advertising in the so-called skybox, sponsor of the game package and more. Thanks to the system, it is clearly visible who bought what and in which cases it is worth applying the cross-sell or up-sell strategy. Details of the individual arrangements can be viewed in the record or in the contract uploaded to the system as a .pdf file.

Time management

One of the most intensively used modules by Wisła Kraków is called “Tasks”. Sales representatives plan their whole days there as well as set deadlines and statuses for jobs to do. Because everything is in one place, always displayed in the context of given business relation- everyone knows how and when to act on it.

Kanban view

Wisła Kraków has successfully adopted sales opportunities model. SpiceCRM offers a convenient way of visualizing them in stages. Thanks to the so-called kanban view you can clearly see what activities were performed and what steps still need to be taken in order to successfully close an opportunity.

Elastic Search

SpiceCRM is equipped with the Elastic Search engine that allows comprehensive search of the CRM database. The password is found in all modules at the same time, which allows intuitive use of the application even for users unfamiliar with the system. You can also conveniently view recently searched phrases.

System responsiveness on mobile devices

Employees of Wisła Kraków have the option of using the application on mobile devices. SpiceCRM looks very clear on tablets and mobile phones. This allows the sales team to work remotely, for example during a walk around the stadium or while on a business trip.


The number of leads, meetings, phone calls or opportunities per sales stage can be observed on clear visualizations in the system. The management and the board have full access to knowledge about the progress of business relations and team efficiency. Thanks to the reporting feature, they can make informed business decisions and investments.

Standardized dashboard

The user’s main dashboard has been designed and configured for the individual needs of Wisła Kraków. Each of the representatives has access to the same scope of knowledge about customers and can use the same functions of the system. All that from the first time they log in.

Mieszko Łabuz

Sales Manager

Wisła Kraków S.A.

Mieszko Łabuz Wisła Kraków

SpiceCRM helped us organize our daily tasks. Thanks to the new tool, we have obtained a 360 ° view on relations with partners, accounts and sponsors of the club.

Customer success story

Multiple award-winning football club


  • 13x Polish champion
  • 4x Polish Cup winner
  • League Cup winner
  • winner of the Polish Super Cup



Initiative: Business Club 1906


Business networking platform by Wisła Kraków



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