MAN Truck & Bus Polska

MAN Truck & Bus Polska

system: Sugar 8.0.0


implementation methodology: Scrum


users: +250


integrations: Statistics Poland (GUS), SAP, Mautic

MAN Truck & Bus Polska is part of the MAN SE corporation – a manufacturer of trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles with more than 100 years of tradition. The company also offers: repairs, inspections, spare parts, service contracts, fleet management as well as technical training and economic driving coaching. It is operating on the Polish market for almost 30 years.


headquarters:  Wolica, near Warsaw

branch: automotive



  • mapping the sales process of commercial vehicles in the system
  • distribution of a new product – VAN-type TGE vehicles
  • implementation of personal data protection procedures (compliant with the GDPR)


a rich network of hints about the next steps in the sales and customer service process

Usually the main reason for obtaining a CRM system is the optimization of the sales process. In the case of MAN Truck & Bus Polska, two things were crucial. Securing the rule of market regionalization (based on postal codes)  – for one.  And secondly – creating an extensive network of hints about the next steps in the sales process. The idea was to practically lead the salesperson by their hand. The system shows the best possible actions, e.g. it proposes to plan a phone call, to introduce additional information about the account, it reminds about the expiring vehicle reservation, etc. Thanks to integration with the Statistics Poland database, it is sufficient to provide the contractor’s value added tax identification number – the rest of the knowledge about the company completes automatically!

optimization of after-sales services

Professional customer service is a priority throughout the whole MAN corporation. The CRM system protects the processes which occur after issuing the invoice, for example the formal transfer of the vehicle’s ownership. After the vehicle has been sold, it must still be paid for, registered, insured and collected. The Sugar application supports salespeople in following the aforementioned steps. The “Issued vehicles” module allows them to track the status of each item. The software also informs about upcoming service dates and the performance of the customer’s fleet. This allows for the up-selling of the MAN Telecoaching service, i.e. a professional training in the efficient and economical use of the vehicle.

enabling the reservation of DEMO and commercial vehicles

The system enables advanced management of DEMO vehicle reservations. It is enough to input the date and place of the pick-up/garaging.  All the salespeople need to do after that is – hand over the keys to the authorized driver. The sales person gets full control over who and when picks up the vehicle and at which point it is to be returned. Additionally, the system has eliminated the need to submit formal applications for vehicle rental. It is possible to  check the availability and go through the booking acceptance process directly in the software. The situation looks similar in the case of the stock vehicles, which are ready for sale and waiting parked in MAN distribution points. Location of individual vehicles is visualized on an interactive map.

facilitating the cooperation with MAN agents

MAN Truck & Bus Polska employees are not the only people authorized to distribute vehicles of this brand. The company cooperates also with external sales agents. The CRM system stores knowledge about their results, as well as the number and specification of the cars in relevance. There is a rule about the agent not being able to sell over a certain number of vehicles without the supervision of an authorized MAN salesperson. The system automatically assigns such sales opportunities to the appropriate user – based on a predefined SugarBPM workflow as stated in the company’s policy.

streamlining the management of discount applications

The customer would like a discount? MAN decided about the standardization of the discount verification and confirmation process and asked eVolpe for a feature which allowed a convenient review of the applications. Sugar automates management of discount requests thanks to the built-in SugarBPM tool. It allows for multi-stage and multi-criteria verification and eliminates the need to proceed the applications electronically (via e-mails) or on paper. It monitors important deadlines so that no request is overlooked and the client always receives a response.

easy creation of business proposals/quotes

The Sugar system works with the MAN vehicle configurator. As a result, sales people do not have to enter information about the vehicle manually. Additionally, thanks to the PDF manager, the sales people are able to generate a professional offer for the customer with a single click. The possibility of using advanced workflows as well as automated visualizations of particular types of vehicles, freed traders from the need to constantly create new quotations from scratch.

advanced reporting capabilities

MAN is a very complex corporation. The CRM system secures the distribution of knowledge throughout the whole organization. Selected people regularly receive reports on topics of their interest, such  as the condition of the data in the system, reports on the operational effectiveness of the sales team, financial statements, inventories, reports about business KPIs and many others. Apart from the fact that they can be viewed in the appropriate module, on the defined dashboard, the system also sends them directly to appropriate mailboxes. The beneficiaries of the system reports are MAN dealers themselves, as well as their direct managers and management in Poland and the main office of MAN.

automation of obtaining consent for the processing of personal data

Due to the GDPR regulations, MAN, like the rest of the companies operating in the European Union, had to deal with the problem of ensuring the security of personal data. The biggest challenge was the collection and the processing of consents for marketing and sales contact. The integration of the Sugar system with the Mautic marketing automation tool allowed to create an automatic online consent submission mechanism. The CRM stores knowledge about the status of the messages sent to the customer. Thanks to the visualization in the form of colorful and easy to interpret icons, the seller can quickly evaluate to whom and in what form he or she is allowed to reach out. An interesting feature of the form itself is the ability to leave a handwritten signature as confirmation of the consent. The system stores it in the form of a jpg file.

Adam Bernatowicz

Head of Network Development and IT

MAN Truck & Bus Polska

eVolpe has adapted Sugar to our specific needs. Thanks to the proper use of the open application code and the potential of the agile methodology and Scrum framework, we jointly matched its functions to the requirements of the MAN corporation.

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