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  • difficult access to information about the source of customer acquisition
  • incomplete information about customer activity on our website
  • demand on high-quality mass mailing system
  • necessity for a lead nurturing campaign builder
  • launch of eVolpe newsletter


  • coordination of sales and marketing activities
  • optimization of marketers’ working day
  • acquiring a system for digital marketing campaigns
  • CRM and Marketing Automation systems integration
  • reporting on the effectiveness of marketing activities


Mass mailing is one of the most important areas covered by Mautic. It was also the first marketing automation requirement we recognized at eVolpe.

We create e-mails directly in Mautic’s builder. We use a custom-made template for it (unfortunately there were no orange ones to choose from). After we finish working on the copy and appearance of the E-mail, it is possible to point out a segment to which the message will be shipped (e.g. contacts with marketing consent).

Everything happens at the date and time of publication set in the system. We have also created several e-mail campaigns that launch at an action performed by the client (e.g. sending out a form). In this case, the system reacts immediately or accordingly to other parameters of the campaign (e.g. wait X hours and then send a Y message).

All of it completely without participation of our marketers, who, instead of watching over shipments, get to work conceptually and creatively.

Mautic opened our eyes to a previously neglected stage of the business-customer relation. It turns out that before reaching out to our sales team, clients do quite a thorough research of the materials on our website. They mostly look for information about the software we offer. Even after speaking to our consultants, they often come back to the website before talking to decision-makers. A short piece of Mautic code added to our webpage makes it possible to observe such activity.

The effect of an immediate phone call after their visit to, serves in favor of our sales team’s efforts. Because we know exactly what interests our clients on the website, it is easier to conduct a conversation and clarify any doubts regarding our offer. Also, the surprise we cause makes us stand out and be remembered.

Before we started using Mautic, we considered our contact page the only source of customer acquisition. We were unable to measure which part of the offer actually caught someone’s attention. The marketing automation system allowed us to identify the real trigger of such interest.

We solved the issue by using separate contact forms for different areas of the website. Each of them has its own ID number. Based on the information about which questionnaire the client has completed, we are able to determine the direct motivator for the contact. It can easily be either a demo of the system, a blog article or a case study. As a result, it is also easier for us to tell what works and what to do more of.

Another Mautic feature that saves us a lot of time is the marketing campaign wizard where we get to create custom automations.

A good example of such process is the campaign behind the MintHCM demo distribution. The client interested in such access fills in the appropriate form. They also point out whether they need a standard or individually configured installation. Depending on the preferences, the campaign sends either an e-mail with access to the open demo or forwards a message about the expected contact from our consultant. Again, without marketer’s constant supervision.

Monthly newsletter? Lead nurturing campaign? Webinar invitation? In Mautic, we see how many people opened our message, clicked the link or downloaded the attachment.
The system provides us with detailed information about the engagement we were able to create. Thanks to the reports feature we get to determine the effectiveness of the carried out marketing activities.

We use this type of analytics to respond to individual cases (e.g. in the context of sales activities) as well as to properly adapt the marketing strategy in line with the observed trends. Based on the conclusions we make with the help of Mautic’s reporting feature, we also create a marketing plan and budget for the next 12 months.

Thanks to the integration of Mautic and our CRM system, we discovered the true power of marketing automation. The combination of both applications supports collaboration between the marketing and sales teams. For this purpose, we even developed our own plug-in.

Completing the contact form creates a lead in the CRM software. This saves the time of our employees who, instead of keeping track of inboxes and manually entering records into the system, deal with the actual customer service. We even took care of potential duplicates and enabled the user to conveniently switch between integrated systems. In CRM, we have also added a subpanel with Mautic information, where we conveniently track the activity of our customers on our website.

Joanna Radecka

Marketing Team Leader

Mautic supports repetitive processes such as sending e-mails after completing the form, pushing our monthly newsletter or distributing on-demand marketing materials. When Mautic is working, I get the time to operate conceptually and creatively on other fronts of B2B marketing.

Sławomir Wnuk

Head of Sales

Of all the functions of marketing automation, I use the activty stream the most. I am able to recognize whether the client shows any interest in our portfolio by researching our website. If so, I can contact them back exactly when the demand for our services increases. By suprising them with such a phone-call, I make eVolpe stand out.

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