The CRM system which has been  trusted by 1 500 000 users in 120 countries


CRM designed for the user

By enriching your company with SugarCRM you are providing your employees with a system which they will quickly understand and fall in love with.


The most flexible CRM on the market

Unrivaled possibilities of adaptation and integration allow for 100% customization to the needs of your company.


The visionary on the CRM market

Unique business value combined with attractive price makes SugarCRM the visionary on the CRM market.

CRM designed for the user

SugarCRM is the most frequently recommended and the best evaluated by users CRM on the market! It is also the winner of the prestigious PCMag Business Choice Awards 2015!

Modern and clear user interface Sugar UX™ is optimized for the comfortable use of the system.

You can easily access SugarCRM via mobile application available on iOS and Android. This application perfectly reflects the functionality of SugarCRM on mobile devices. What’s more, it allows you to use the system without the Internet connection.

SugarCRM is not only an excellent system for sales management, but it is also a system which you want to use!

The sole truly flexible CRM on the market

Flexibility for the


Users have a lot of flexibility in adapting the interface and usability of the platform to their needs and preferences. That way they themselves are creating a system, which they will love to use!

Flexibility for the


Management of access permissions and configuration of the system has never been so easy. And it makes no difference whether SugarCRM is installed locally or in a private or public cloud.

Flexibility of the


Do you need additional modules, functionality or integration with other systems? Thanks to the open source code nothing is impossible for SugarCRM!

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Implementation of SugarCRM in MAN (Case study)

Implementation of SugarCRM in MAN (Case study)

Constant growth and elaborate sales standards in the Polish branch of MAN resulted in the need of implementing an IT system that could handle a comprehensive trade network and improve sales process.

The visionary system of a great business value

SugarCRM is positioned in the prestigious Gartner Report as a Visionary.

“SugarCRM [is] a Visionary, on the strength of its product usability, strategic vision, and platform flexibility.”

Implementation and maintenance of SugarCRM generates much lower cost in comparison to its direct competitors and – most importantly – it’s not done at the expense of the functionality of the platform.

SugarCRM frees the users from the tyranny of conventional CRM systems. The system ends the drudgery of endless data entry, and instead focuses on enabling users to do their job more effectively by providing them with the right information when they need it and before they even ask.

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