system: SuiteCRM


implementation methodology: Scrum


users: +200


integrations: BAAN, Lotus Notes, Alfresco

Aluprof is one of the leading producers of aluminum systems in Europe. The company has its branches in many European countries, as well as in the United States. It is one of the most recognizable brands in the industry.
You probably seen their impressive projects, such as the Poznań Okrąglak, Ławica Airport, Łódź Manufaktura, Sky Tower in Wrocław, and the National Stadium in Warsaw. Aluprof systems can also be seen in many skyscrapers in New York and magnificent buildings throughout Europe.


  • Legacy software still in place
  • Poorly distributed knowledge about clients
  • Difficulties in cooperation between company branches
  • Complex sales and quoting process


  • Acquisition of modern, tailored software 
  • Integration of CRM, ERP and other systems in Aluprof’s infrastructure
  • Organizing the database of contractors
  • Simplifying the sales and quoting process
  • Enabling efficient reporting
  • Improving communication between company department

Discussions with Aluprof about the new CRM started at the beginning of 2020. The coronavirus pandemic did not slow down the investment. The company’s management recognized the benefit of digital transformation in this uncertain time. The implementation of the SuiteCRM system allowed for efficient organization of the contractor database. The open source code of the application enabled necessary changes to be made to the core system. As a result, Aluprof now enjoys a tool tailored to the specifics of their business.



In Aluprof, quotes for clients were previously created in a separate system. The company’s development in recent years has led to the necessity of modernizing this process. The open-source code of the SuiteCRM, which was chosen by the Board, enabled us to create a custom module for previewing offers. The work of the salesperson is now much more enjoyable, as there is no need to switch between tools during a quote preparation.

All information about clients, as well as necessary ERP data (such as trading conditions and balances), are now located in one system. The approval process also runs automatically. Before the offer reaches the client, there is still time to send notifications to superiors and obtain their approval using the mechanism of automatic notifications.


Due to the fact that Aluprof collaborates with the largest companies and their production process is very complex and demanding, it is necessary to ensure that cooperation with a given entity is prospective and precisely calculated.

In SuiteCRM, we have recreated and automated the original way of qualifying new business partners. The user completes their Evaluation Card, which is then approved by department managers and directors. The mechanism allows for taking into account financial results, insurance issues, payment terms, and the level of acceptable discount. A useful feature is the visual highlighting of any edited (different from standard) values.


Apart from quoting, SuiteCRM is used at Aluprof primarily for planning and recording sales activities. The system we proposed provides all functions necessary for conducting B2B relationships.

The goal set by Aluprof, was to finally organize their activities. It was about ensuring the appropriate level of service, setting the pace of work, and controlling the Customer Journey.

The system offers a calendar for keeping phone calls, meetings, and other planned tasks. It is possible to view not only one’s own plans, but also the availability of other people (the calendar has a sharing function). The system also allows for generating appropriate notifications when it’s time for a follow-up. It can happen based on a manually specified date or based on a workflow that counts the time since the last contact.


The management team at Aluprof considered it important to implement a system that would allow for target management. Thanks to the recorded history of relationships with contractors, it is possible to clearly determine the degree of plan implementation. Over time, the system begins to provide more and more data, which will help to set goals based on previous results.

The system allows displaying Reports immediately on the main dashboard, right after logging in. This way, a user with appropriate permissions has constant control over the team’s progress. Just a glance at the data visualization is enough to ensure that everything is heading in the right direction.


Aluprof now uses a tool that allows for a holistic view of the process, taking into account all stages of customer relations and progress in internal procurement-production-sales procedures.


Customer Success Story

2nd place in the 2021 Stock Company of the Year ranking in Poland
Employer of the Year 2021
Joinery Market Leader 2021
Construction Company of the Year 2021 Aluprof CEO - Tomasz Grela recognized as Industry Personality of 2021

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