Getting ready for GDPR

A practical guide to better Customer Relationship Management


Why having a CRM system at the heart of your organization

could provide a competitive advantage?

Think of what a modern CRM system provides above and beyond simply capturing data: lead qualification processes, opportunity tracking systems, case resolution scripts, yearly account plans and even customer journey maps. This means mechanisms for implementing, automating and tracking processes and standard procedures, as well as for surfacing those processes to users in different forms are already in place.

Like blood flowing through the heart at the center of a body, data runs through a CRM system, powering multiple areas of the business.

What’s inside?

The compliance checklist

A step-by-step guide to implementing a GDPR compliant CRM system

The jargon buster. An A-Z of GDPR

Our Know-How comes from dozens of projects

done for companies from Poland, other European countries, and the USA.

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