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What is Alfresco?

Alfresco is an innovative ECM/DMS system that facilitates document and content management and serves as a central data repository. It can be used with a web browser as well as mobile devices which allows to upload, access and edit documents as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Modern and intuitive user interface enables employees to easily access crucial information and keep up with every events related to documents and content assets. Advanced workflow mechanisms make it easy to efficiently automate document circulation management and facilitates communication. Thanks to Alfresto, valuable documents will never be overlooked or lost.

Teamwork improvement

One of the key functions of Alfresco is optimization of collaborative document-making process. Configurable sites and convenient solutions in the areas of commenting, versioning and tracking changes make this system a must for every organization that cares about efficient work with content.

Alfresco assures that users are always up-to-date with changes in documents that they collaborate on and have possibility to easily edit them even directly from the web browser. This system allows effective collaboration not only on text documents but also introducing changes to graphic, multimedia or engineering projects. Thanks to its versatility, Alfresco is used in organizations as demanding as NASA.

Integrations and flexibility

Open source code combined with advanced API makes Alfresco a platform that allows seamless integration with nearly any IT infrastructure and satisfy the needs of a company. Additionally, thanks to an integrator developed by eVolpe, Alfresco perfectly bonds with SugarCRM.

Basically, Alfresco’s environment is a very customization-friendly object and it can easily be adjusted to the specific needs of its users and integrated with other systems. Considering the fact that a decent DMS/ECM system must be easy to integrate with other services, Alfresco by default offers integrations with such environments as MS Office, Google Docs or AutoCAD.

Secure and systematized data repository

In many companies crucial documents such as contracts, quotes or documentations are sparse all over the organization which significantly impedes using them, controlling access to them and keeping them consistent. Alfresco is a solution dedicated to solving such problems and optimizing document circulation.

Thanks to applying the highest security standards and implementing an advanced role management together with defined sites, Alfresco allows a very precise determination of content availability and user credentials. The construction of this system and its user-friendly interface favor maintaining a systematized repository of documents while efficient internal search engine makes “finding a needle in a haystack” possible.

We are the experts in comprehensive implementations of Alfresco

eVolpe has a vast experience in the area of modifying and implementing Alfresco as well as turning this system into an efficient tool dedicated to realizing particular business goals. We have developed an advanced Alfresco integrator for SugarCRM which makes a foundation for a powerful platform for efficient management in the operating area of an organization.

Every projects done by eVolpe is a combination of enormous capabilities of open source systems and expertise in the area of technology and efficient utilizing IT systems in business. Thanks to that, Alfresco-based solutions provided by eVolpe are everytime well-crafted tools giving our customers undeniable comparative advantage.


Central data repository
  • The ability to store any type of document (text files, graphic files, presentations, audio files, etc.) in an electronic version,
  • Always up-to-date versions of documents available to all users,
  • The ability to share resources via a virtual network drive,
  • Access to data from a web browser,
  • Defined hierarchy of documents – the repository allows to create a complex tree structure of files and grant users appropriate permissions to resources,
  • Ability to use automated rules, triggered when performing defined operations on any items in the system,
  • The possibility of expanding the advanced mechanism of metadata (describing the attributes of files),
  • Tracking changes made to the directories and files,
  • Microsoft Office & GoogleDocs Integration.
Basic operations on documents
  • Creating, editing, sharing, copying and deleting documents,
  • Controlling a document by granting permission to read, write, delete and manage to the appropriate people,
  • Searching for files using both metadata, as well as the content of the document; possibility of defining any search criteria,
  • Classification of documents – ability to categorize documents using your own or defined labels (tags),
  • Adding comments to selected elements,
  • Preview/presentation of a document via web browser,
  • Locking the document from editing for the changes made by another person,
  • Exporting documents to a XML or ZIP file,
  • Possibility to restore deleted documents,
  • Publishing documents on Facebook, Twitter, Google +
Document versioning

Allows to define automatic actions in the system across every module.

  • Ability to view history of all changes made to the document, including information about the date and author of the change,
  • Restoring any version of the document,
  • Simple versioning – activated manually for files that suppose to be subjects to versioning,
  • Automatic versioning applied for all elements of the directory.
Workflow mechanism
  • Creating a string of tasks for members or groups of members related to the execution of specific work on documents (e.g. review, amend, etc.),
  • System of notifications about actions performed on documents and assigned tasks,
  • A set of built-in document workflows:
    • Ad-hoc task – simple assigning tasks to users,
    • Verification and acceptance – assigning a task to verify specific documents. In the next step, assigned users have the possibility of rejecting or accepting the documents. There is a possibility of assigning a workflow to a specific user or group of users, as well as choosing the option of verification (parallel, one user after another, based on specified threshold of acceptance, etc.),
  • Constant monitoring of the status of the document and its stage,
  • Possibility to define custom document workflows.
Collaboration and communication
  • Work organization and communication between employees,
  • Sites Management – ability to create team Sites, assigning appropriate tasks to employees, the use of a shared calendar, gathering knowledge within a specific Site and tracking changes made by the participants,
  • Group collaboration tools available within a Site:
    • Discussion forum – a place for exchanging users opinions via:
      • Adding comments and discussing any document,
      • Conducting a multi-threaded forum, allowing parallel discussions.
    • Site calendar – ability to plan major events from the Site’s point of view,
    • Wiki – collecting and possibility of instant access to knowledge for all authorized users,
    • Blogs – Web sites of users touching upon selected topics,
    • Links to websites containing relevant information from the Site’s point of view,
    • RSS feeds allowing for tracking of current activities related to the selected documents and Sites,
    • Adding comments to selected elements of the Site,
  • Ability to reuse gathered knowledge:
    • Adding appropriate labels (tags) to selected elements of the system,
    • Advanced search engine.
Alfresco WCM
  • Users have the possibility to design their own portals without having to know a programming language,
  • Sharing resources, on external portals and websites, such as:
    • Graphic files,
    • Video or audio files,
    • HTML, XML, text files.

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