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Once again we invite you to learn more about improvements proposed by eVolpe! In the third chapter of “Features to remember” we are presenting another three functionalities of Open Source CRM system. Daily tasks of a sales team can sometimes be overwhelming. The number of...

We are presenting the new episode of "Features to remember". This time we are taking closer look at add-ons and functionalities made to help both the sales and analysis tasks. 1. Public Tenders Compatible with SugarCRM and SuiteCRM The Public Tenders module is the perfect tool for all companies...

In the „Features to remember” series, each time we will take a closer look at some of our custom add-ons and functional areas, which were created during different IT open source systems implementations executed by eVolpe. 1. Masquerade Compatible with SugarCRM and SuiteCRM The Masquerade is a tool...

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