“Features to remember” Part 2

“Features to remember” Part 2

We are presenting the new episode of “Features to remember”. This time we are taking closer look at add-ons and functionalities made to help both the sales and analysis tasks.

1. Public Tenders

Compatible with SugarCRM and SuiteCRM

The Public Tenders module is the perfect tool for all companies participating in tender procedures. It provides advanced management for participants and bidders and helps to control deadlines for submission of tenders and required documents.

The key feature is the ability to identify and collect information required for enetring a tender. Clear interface provides access to all information about the form, deadlines and value of the tender in one place. The data can be linked for example with an Account or Opportunity. In this module it is also possible to set up notifications about the end of the validity of the selected documents and also about the deadlines listed in Terms of Reference. Additionally, sorting tenders by priority allows you to analyze their profitability.


2. Automatic marking of the customer as a VIP

Compatible with SugarCRM

We can add to SugarCRM an additional Checkbox field which will automatically be checked after meeting predetermined criteria. This field is an excellent feature for the automatic marking of customers as “VIP” when, for example, last year a customer has reached the turnover threshold above $X or the “Industry” field is a particular type. This feature allows you to identify and filter the most important partners.


3. Visits on site

Compatible with SugarCRM

„Visits on site” is an additional subpanel created to register each visit of SugarCRM users on the detailed view in Leads, Contacts and Accounts modules. This subpanel is especially recommended for analysis for sales managers. It shows all the information about which user visited the page in SugarCRM with the exact date.

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