SugarCRM and Mautic integrator by eVolpe available at SugarOutfitters

SugarCRM and Mautic integrator by eVolpe available at SugarOutfitters

SugarCRM Mautic integrator by eVolpe is now available at!

Thanks to the popular add-on browser for SugarCRM users it is now possible to download, install and for 30 days, 100% free of charge be testing our newest tool.

After this publication: SugarCRM & Mautic Integrator by eVolpe, we have received many queries regarding features and ways of getting the integrator. Trying to meet the needs of our customers, in cooperation with the SugarOutfitters team, we have made our solution available to the wide range of Open Source community and SugarCRM and Mautic’s fans!

Features offered by our integrator:

  • two-way merge of information,
  • 360° view of Customer – Company relations,
  • advanced automation of repetitive tasks,
  • duplicate detection,
  • extensive analytical capabilities,
  • a flexibility of configuration according to your own needs.

Get the integrator by clicking:

How does the SugarCRM Mautic integrator by eVolpe work?

SugarCRM and Mautic’s users are given the possibility to freely switch between systems with just one click! We have placed an icon with the appropriate URL within corresponding records.

Mautic itself allows simple configuration of scoring’s procedures. It helps to classify Contacts in terms of their level of interest in our offer.

Furthermore, we have enabled also the preview of undertaken marketing campaigns within SugarCRM. In subpanel called “Marketing Activities”, we are collecting information on all the unique activities such as E-mail opening, attachment download, web page hit etc.

We have designed SugarCRM Mautic integrator by eVolpe to avoid duplicates of information already stored in one of the systems. Additionally, with the SugarCRM Reports module, it is possible to carry out in-depth e-marketing analytics.


Integrator prepared by eVolpe is:

  • compatible with SugarCRM – and Mautic 2.5.1;
  • supported by the editions: Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate;
  • suitable for MySQL database.

After the 30 days free trial period the cost of using the connector is $120 annually per Mautic user that also has access to SugarCRM.

“Step by step” installation and configuration instructions are available on the SugarOutfitters platform, tab Documentation. In the same place, you can also find Troubleshooting tab where we quote common problems and solutions.

If you are interested in purchasing our integrator, we encourage you to read the mentioned article, download the full trial version of the connector or contact our Sales Department in case you need to implement any of these systems first.