Sugar/SuiteCRM & Mautic Integrator by eVolpe

Sugar/SuiteCRM & Mautic Integrator by eVolpe

New update!
Sugar/SuiteCRM & Mautic Integrator


On February 16, 2018, the next update of the Sugar/SuiteCRM & Mautic integrator was released.

Our connector supports the following versions of the Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management software: Mautic 2.11.x, 2.12.x, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM 7.9.9.

The plug-in is available on the SugarOutfitters portal

mautic integrator

At eVolpe, we work nonstop to bring the best IT solutions for business. With the beginning of a new year, we are happy to introduce our new CRM and Marketing Automation tools’ integrator! Please enjoy our quick description of its purpose and functions.

The Sugar/SuiteCRM & Mautic Integrator was made for customers who already use or plan to implement at least one of the three mentioned solutions. Bringing them together definitely supports consistency of marketing and sales activities in modern companies.

About Marketing Automation

For those who have never heard of the Marketing Automation concept, or not yet know Mautic, we are starting off this article with a brief description of benefits of this type of a solution.

Marketing Automation is a software designed to enhance the efficiency of online marketing activities. This type of software automates marketing procedures based on repetitive tasks, such as sending single messages or full E-mail campaigns. Marketing Automation platforms allow to automatically perform predefined actions in the context of specific events on your website. The functionality of modern Marketing Automation solutions includes: sending E-mails, gathering information about potential customers, reporting and analyzing professional marketing outcome. Thanks to Marketing Automation systems you can save time by freeing your employees from the need to perform repetitive tasks and to gather crucial information about the behavior of potential customers.

Our long-term experience at eVolpe has led us to the conclusion that Mautic is the best marketing automation tool out there. It’s also the only Open Source system to do the job.

Mautic is a powerful Marketing Automation software which allows deskilling the process of providing relevant information about potential customers – depending on which stage of the sales process they are a part of. Mautic is also an excellent platform for online marketing campaigns. It’s working with landing pages, E-mails templates, tracking, and scoring tools. Mautic’s open code makes it the first platform for Marketing Automation that can be fully customized to even the most specific needs of every company. The system is stable and advanced. The options offered by Mautic in many cases outrun the capabilities of commercial solutions such as Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce Pardot or SALESmanago.

The advantages of CRM and Marketing Automation integration

One of the world’s largest training companies – Miller Heiman Group – in their „2016 Best Sales Practices” research puts cooperation among Marketing and Sales on top of the list of most profitable activities in modern enterprises. Integration of CRM and Marketing Automation is an excellent way to standardize communication between the two departments. It helps to simplify repetitive actions and to build a positive, consistent image of the company.

Integration of CRM and Marketing Automation tools helps to:

  • observe and follow the behavior of customers visiting the website,
  • educate the customer in terms of available products (Lead Nurturing),
  • classify customers according to the level of their interest in the offer (Scoring),
  • transmit knowledge about the customer to Sales Department (Just on Time),
  • reduce the time to respond to any queries,
  • keep in touch with customers and meet the identified needs.

The advantages of Sugar/SuiteCRM & Mautic Integrator by eVolpe

In a more functional approach, integrator prepared by eVolpe offers:

  • two-way merge of information,
  • 360° view of Customer – Company relations,
  • advanced automation of repetitive tasks,
  • duplicate detection,
  • extensive analytical capabilities,
  • the flexibility of configuration according to your own needs.

The synchronization of personal records is based on the relation of Leads, Contacts, and Accounts in SugarCRM / SuiteCRM with Contacts in Mautic. It also allows transfer of new Contacts in Mautic to SugarCRM or SuiteCRM as Leads. Likewise, all the trade and marketing activities are being merged and organized on both ends of the integration. The synchronization of personal records is always done in “real time” to prevent the creation of duplicates. Overall, this function helps to avoid repetitions in tasks of Sales and Marketing.

The Sugar/SuiteCRM users can easily control the scoring granted to customers by Mautic. They are also given the ability to set automatic actions in the CRM (for example to schedule a phone call). It’s useful for the sales team because after receiving the specified number of points (granted for opening and scrolling through E-mails, clicking links, downloading attachments etc.) specific client might require a follow-up.

It’s possible to switch between software with just one click! This part of integration works exactly as field mapping. In other words, specific units in Mautic are given equivalents in CRM and back. Integrator by eVolpe allows to easily shift applications with the use of so-called contextual links.

A convenient option is to upload created in SugarCRM or SuiteCRM Target Lists to Mautic. Thanks to combining functions of both the systems it’s possible to analyze every aspect of performed operations. The integrator by eVolpe allows saving all the reports generated in Mautic also in the reinforce CRM system (as a Read-Only file).

For more details, we invite you to contact our team.