SugarCRM Hint – Business Relationship Intelligence by SugarCRM

13 Jul SugarCRM Hint – Business Relationship Intelligence by SugarCRM

SugarCRM has proven that it continues to follow current market trends and that it aspires to create them as well. The company from California has recently unveiled a new product that on one hand complements the existing functionality of the CRM system and on the other introduces a whole new range of Relationship Intelligence solutions. SugarCRM Hint, because that’s how it is called, is a technology that instantly searches the Internet to gather professional information about your customers and fills them into the CRM database. SugarCRM has just made the process of preparation before contacting a client way easier. With this feature, a sales team will be even more efficient.

SugarCRM Hint introduces a revolution to the way people find information about their customers. Until now, the CRM user, having residual data such just a surname, E-mail address and a company name, had to devote a lot of time to get more information about a potential client. SugarCRM Hint performs these actions immediately, searching over 70 social data sources on the global Web and then completes the customer’s profile with matched data.

After the official launch of Hint, Clint Oram, co-founder and CMO at SugarCRM had publically commented on it many times in the media. He emphasized that the vision and strategy of the company are to constantly innovate to help create extraordinary customer relationships. According to Clint Oram, the future of CRM systems is no longer based on the B2B or B2C strategy, where the key principle is the proper management of sales opportunities. People buy from other people, not from companies. Hence the strategy adopted by SugarCRM is i2i (individuals to individuals).

It is these relationships that Hint and other Relationship Intelligence innovators support. SugarCRM has already announced that they will shortly introduce predictive analysis and machine learning techniques as well. Such solutions will help to automate and at the same time evaluate large data sets, analyze behavior patterns, identify problems and suggest the best possible steps.

How does SugarCRM Hint work?

Just enter a name and E-mail address into Sugar …sugarcrm hint… collect data from the Web and immediately create a rich customer’s profile…

sugarcrm hint… import everything into CRM …

sugarcrm hint… and see the history of interactions.


sugarcrm hintSugarCRM Hint is available for Sugar 7.8 and up to $ 15 per user for each month of the subscription. For now, the product is available in the US, but in the upcoming months, it will also be available in other regions, including Poland.

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