How does Sugar and Mautic integration by eVolpe work?

Chapter I: Mautic Activities Module

One of the basic and extremely useful parts of Sugar and Mautic integration created by the eVolpe team is the module called Mautic Activities.

We have also created an additional subpanel within the view of a particular record. Apart from Phone Calls, Meetings, E-mails, Notes or Tasks related to specific Lead or Contact, you are now able to observe also marketing actions logged by Mautic (without switching software).

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Once you have expanded the Mautic Activities subpanel, a list of individual actions is being displayed. The information you have now access to is:

  • Activity Name (with a link to a detailed view),
  • Type of the Activity (for example Page Hit, Click Link, E-mail Read etc.)
  • Mautic Campaign,
  • Data of the Activity,
  •  Direct link to Mautic.

The information displayed in the subpanel can be organized freely by using the arrows in each column. This way, you are also able to easily sort the information that you are interested in.

At the beginning, only a few, most recent activities are listed. If you would like to get a full picture of the situation, simply use the “More…” button and expand the view of the previous actions.

The detailed preview of the activity (that you see after clicking on a specific Activity Name) allows you to explore your client’s online habits. For example, you are given the information about what time the customer visited your website, which pages was he/she interested in, even what kind of device he/she used.

Such a set of data can lead a skilled salesperson to interesting conclusions. If you know that your potential customer spends a certain amount of time on your website, that it usually happens on a business day, during working hours, and that he/she is using a computer – you may assume that he or she is interested in your offer for business reasons.

The information that you have been provided with (thanks to Sugar and Mautic integration) can be used to create individual, dynamic content messages. You should remember to mind that such deductions need to be backed up by professional experience and properly calculated probability. However, it can be used for fighting competition, that does not take into account the individual needs and characteristics of a single customer.

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