SugarCRM Partner Day – what happens in Lyon…

SugarCRM Partner Day – what happens in Lyon…

The first Sugar Partner Day took place on June 12, 2019, in the Radisson Blu hotel in Lyon, France. We are here to give you a little recap.

SugarCRM recently came up with a whole new idea for a meet up with their partners. The first event dedicated to European companies was held in the Radisson Blue hotel in Lyon. eVolpe was represented by our COO – Magdalena Ziębińska.

eVolpe is an official SugarCRM partner since 2011. So far, we have participated in events such as SugarCRM Sales Kickoff and SugarCRM Partner Advisory Board. The new formula is supposed to strengthen relationships between implementation companies and improve communication with the manufacturer’s team. Of course, we could not pass on the invitation.

Changes in SugarCRM

We cannot reveal everything, but some changes are coming. They will mainly concern the functional scope of the Sugar software. Accordingly, to the current trend, you can expect improvements primarily related to advance Business Intelligence. Stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts, where we will discuss details (as soon as SugarCRM lets us share the news).

During Partner Day SugarCRM announced a rebranding. In preparation are: a new website, a new logo and visual identification of the brand. All this is related to the manufacturer’s long-range plans to create a comprehensive business platform that allows 360° visibility of the relationship with your company’s clients.

SugarCRM has always communicated how important it is to look at business through the eyes of the customer. It seems that a great revolution awaits us, which will allow to implement this philosophy in many fields.

Photorelation from SugarCRM Partner Day

Finally, we have some more photos from Lyon for you. See what happened behind the scenes.