SugarCRM Partner Advisory Board: eVolpe once again among 17 key partners

SugarCRM Partner Advisory Board: eVolpe once again among 17 key partners

We are pleased to announce that on November 17th 2016 eVolpe once again took part in the European edition of SugarCRM Partner Advisory Board!

The organization recognized under the SPAB abbreviation is an unique advisory board composed of SugarCRM suppliers. Representatives elected to participate speak in the name of all official business partners from given region of the world.

eVolpe, among 17 other European companies, was honoured to attend official SugarCRM Partner Advisory Board event in Munich. With this invitation we have recieved an extraordinary opportunity to discuss newest sales strategy of CRM systems within our regional market. It should be noted that from the Central and Eastern Europe area, SugarCRM invited only two partners, the other being SugarFactory from Czech Republic.

The meeting was devided into separate theme sections, such as:

  1. Sugar sales strategy;
  2. the CEB approach;
  3. organizational updates;
  4. deal strategy.

Thanks to mutual exchange of experiences, first decisions regarding  cooperation between key partners in Europe have been made.  An important  part of the meeting was the explanation of the RoadMap concept, meaning directions of progress for CRM systems in the future. An interesting recognition was to compare systems of the past, those currently operating and the vision of CRM development in the coming years. As a part of the discussion panel it was possible to make suggestions concerning changes in collaboration between cooperators belonging to SugarCRM Partner Advisory Board.

We are proud that we can be a part of this prestigious project!