SugarCRM outclasses the competition in the Business Choice Awards 2015

SugarCRM outclasses the competition in the Business Choice Awards 2015

In this year’s edition of the Business Choice Awards, the award given by PCMag, to the best IT business solutions, SugarCRM has won the award distancing Salesforce (which experienced a drastic drop after last year’s victory), as well as products from Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. SugarCRM’s victory in Business Choice Awards 2015 is even more spectacular, because the system is a rookie in the PCMag ranking. It proves its growing popularity, rapid development and a very good reputation among the users.

SugarCRM has also achieved the highest ratings in categories which made up the final evaluation. It was best evaluated in the context of the overall user experience, reliability (ex-aequo with, satisfaction with technical support and the likelihood of a recommendation of the product to a friend. It should also be noted that SugarCRM is the only system in the ranking which received positive value of the Net Promoter Score indicator (the percent of respondents who answered 9 or 10 (promoters) and subtracting the percent who answered 0 through 6 (detractors)).


Partial results of the survey determining granting Business Choice Awards for CRM systems. Source:

PCMag says that „SugarCRM has come a long way from its open-source origins to become an enterprise-worthy and beloved solution for customer every aspect of the customer relationship. It’s certainly clear that PCMag readers prefer it far and above the other options, including those from big-name vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, and, which couldn’t hold a chandle to SugarCRM in almost every measure of the survey.”

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