3 ways to handle the end of support for Community Edition

3 ways to handle the end of support for Community Edition

SugarCRM CE End of Life – What’s Next?

In less than a month, the official support for SugarCRM Community Edition will be completed. Date of the EOL was fixed for July 15, 2017.

What the SugarCRM CE EOL (End-Of-Life) means for its users?

As a SugarCRM Elite Partner, we can ensure that the system will not be disabled. The producer will certainly not disconnect any plug! All those organizations that are still using Community Edition will still be able to do it anyway!
So what does Community End of Life actually mean? In addition to the discontinuation of development, no security patches will be released anymore. The producer will no longer offer technical support for this product as well. The good news is that you can still use the system without any obstacles. However, please note that any requests for support will no longer be processed by SugarCRM.

3 ways to handle the end of support for Community Edition

As an experienced consulting company, we have identified three pathways for companies using SugarCRM CE. Read on and see which scenario suits your business best!
1. Get a commercial version of Sugar
If you are satisfied with your existing relation with SugarCRM and its partners, and our solution corresponds with your individual needs – you do not have to sacrifice the intuitivity of a well-recognized tool! Most recommended solution is to switch to one of the commercial editions of the system. You have three choices: Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate. If it does not tell you a lot, contact eVolpe and we will help you choose the most suitable option. Because Sugar (also in commercial version) is written in open code, eVolpe can extend the standard application architecture with additional components. This is important, especially for those customers who have used customized SugarCRM CE and would like to keep their solutions.
2. Replace SugarCRM CE with SuiteCRM
In case you have decided to implement SugarCRM CE because of the lack of license fees you could be interested in switching to another free of charge system. A platform recommended by eVolpe is SuiteCRM – a system based on the code of SugarCRM Community Edition! Since SugarCRM CE itself will no longer be supported, it is a good idea to migrate your data to another CRM application before the first technical problems occur. If you want to avoid licensing fees and thus maintain the comfort of using highly customized software – SuiteCRM is the best fit for you! If necessary, contact eVolpe and we will ensure a safe transfer for the benefit of your organization.
3. Hire an implementation company to support your current instance of SugarCRM CE
As pointed out above, the termination of technical support will not mean “a shutdown” of the system. You will be able to continue to use it. A technical support can always be provided by another qualified implementation company. You can easily pass a custody of your SugarCRM CE to eVolpe and agree to the terms of technical support that we can continue delivering for you. Because Community Edition is based on open source code, it can “live its own life”. This is not the most recommended solution because as time goes on, it will require a lot of work and consequently, additional costs. Anyways, if that’s still the best option for your business, you can count on our support. As SugarCRM Elite Partner we have the best qualifications!
In conclusion, the end of SugarCRM CE life does not necessarily mean the end of your CRM experience. By using one of the three routes described above, you will ensure the comfort and security of continued use of a reputable customer relationship management system. No matter which script you choose (choosing a commercial edition of Sugar, implementing SuiteCRM, or continuing to maintain Community Edition) – you can count on eVolpe’s support.

If you have any questions, please contact our team.

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