Blue is the new orange. Introducing eVolpe Software House

Blue is the new orange. Introducing eVolpe Software House

We are pleased to announce that we have officially launched the newest brand called eVolpe Software House. With this project, we would like to propose a fresh and professional approach to specific needs of our customers. We are now extending our offer to deliver fully customized and individually dedicated software. Our main mission will be to serve as Polish agile development center with fully international aspirations.

If you would like to know more about how we came up with the idea, we encourage you to check out our first blog post where we tell a little behind the scenes story  “eVolpe Software House – well-known company, newest brand”.

Say what kind of software you need and eVolpe SH will deliver

Based on many years of experience in B2B cooperation, we have gained a broad expertise in the optimization of business processes. Developing systems for companies from different sectors of the economy, we have learned how important is the individual adjustment of the system to the locally adequate procedures. At eVolpe Software House, we not only work with Open Source codes but also create a completely original product! We still believe in the idea of open software and often draw inspiration from free frameworks and libraries. We are also capable and fully equipped to offer dedicated individual solutions.

What do we offer at eVolpe Software House?

Our offer consists of three main fields of interest:

  1. Product Software Development
  2. Development Teams Outsourcing
  3. MVP for Startups

Under Product Software Development we understand customized IT solutions based on Open Source or completely original programming codes. We are offering fully personalized and professional business software.

Many years of experience in the implementation of CRM systems (eVolpe Consulting Group is SugarCRM Elite Partner) let us develop soft skills such as team motivation and organization. To other companies that also measure up to the challenge of software development, we propose outsourcing of our experienced programming teams. Rather than go through time-consuming recruitment procedures, you can now hire our appropriately qualified and professional team.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a software that offers only its key features. It is dedicated to the novice businesses, that can successfully work with just the demo version of an in-progress software.  We have realized that it’s a great solution for any startup company that could benefit from the installation of the prototype system without incurring significant costs and having to wait for the full version.

To learn more about our newest project go to our website: or contact us directly