eVolpe amongst 15 key SugarCRM Partners in Europe!

eVolpe amongst 15 key SugarCRM Partners in Europe!

eVolpe was distinguished from 150 European SugarCRM Partners! As one of the 15 most important Partners in Europe for SugarCRM on April 27th we took part in European edition of SugarCRM Partner Advisory Board in Munich. Magdalena Ziębińska and Aleksandra Mazurek have participated in the meeting on behalf of eVolpe.. It should be noted that from the Central and Eastern Europe area, SugarCRM invited only two Partners, the other being SugarFactory from Czech Republic.

SugarCRM Partner Advisory Board has been operating since 2012 as a special advisory board for the management. Partners selected to participate in the SPAB have the honor to represent the interests of all partners in the discussions concerning the strategy of the company and the development of the system.

The meeting took place in two equal discussion panels – business and technology. In this post we will briefly describe business panel. Technological panel, with particular emphasis on SugarCRM Roadmap, we will describe soon. 

In the first part of the Business Panel, SugarCRM showed us current sales results in the world and in Europe, as well as the company’s plans for the near future. The fact that we are working with a brand that is constantly growing is no longer a suprise for us. However, what did positively suprise us, is the information that in terms of the SugarCRM total revenue from the licenses, European region is the second most important market right behind the US market. What’s more, European region is not far behind the United States!

Nevertheless the most important was the second part of the business panel. It was dedicated to strengthen cooperation between the Partners and SugarCRM. The management of SugarCRM attentively gathered feedback and ideas about sales strategies, development and support for the Partners. We also had the opportunity to discuss among partners our local sales strategies. Thanks to the mutual exchange of experiences we have already taken first steps to tigthen cooperation among key partners in Europe. We are proud that we can be a part of this project.