Update on “Effective sales” congress with Prof. Robert Cialdini

Update on “Effective sales” congress with Prof. Robert Cialdini

On November 23rd, eVolpe, as one of the partners of the event, took part in the “Effective sales” conference held in Centennial Hall in Wroclaw.


The special guest of the congress was respected scientist and social behavior researcher – Professor Robert Cialdini. His full lecture was based on publications such as: “Influence: Science and practice“, “Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive” and “Pre-suasion“.

As part of the discourse following topics were mentioned:

  • latest sales perspective,
  • predicting consumer behavior,
  • sales based on the “win-win” scheme,
  • meeting the needs of Consumer 3.0
  • building long-term and effective relationship with the customer.

A large share was devoted to the idea of pre-suasion proposed by Cialdini in his new book. As professor explained, this whole concept runs on actions designed to activate a particular state of mind, in order to increase the chance of provoking a specific, desired behavior. To work, pre-suasive actions always have to happen BEFORE the relevant sales message!

Our Chief of Operations, Magdalena Ziębińska had the chance to meet world-class psychologist Robert Cialdini face to face (see the picture below).


As part of the congress also spoke:

  1. Piotr Karkoszka – founder of the Leadersway consulting firm;
  2. Justyna Liber – Talent Dynamics accredited consultant and founder of Libers Groups Grow to Success company;
  3. Sebastian Kotow – author of the “You chose the goal, we show you the way” book series (written in collaboration with Brian Tracy);
  4. Marcin Kokoszka – training and conference speaker in fields of personal development, financial liquidity and security of economic activities;
  5. Michał Zawadka – motivational speaker, founder of the Mind & Dream publishing house;
  6. Adam Gnych – business coach recommended by the Polish Psychological Association.


Within a few theme blocks following topics were discussed:

  • conditions for a successful transaction,
  • state of the so-called flow,
  • art of winning,
  • sales design and
  • emotions governing sales.


In addition, all participants were given an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with products and services offered by the partners of the event. Also eVolpe was there to answer your questions! During breaks in the conference it was possible to talk to our experts in SugarCRM and SuiteCRM deployments and get more familiar with advantages of professional customer relation management in general.

Also, eVolpe business card contest was very popular. The best associations with CRM systems were awarded with vouchers for a wind tunnel. The winners were: Jakub Kmieciak, Małgorzata Porębska, Bogdan Świech and Zdzisław Celusta. Congratulations!