Modern ERP system facilitating enterprise management

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What is the Openbravo system?

Openbravo is a modern ERP system supporting the management of all areas of an enterprise. Thanks to the innovative use of web technologies, Openbravo is an intuitive and extremely useful tool with a comprehensive and advanced functionality supporting employees in their daily work. It is a perfect combination of user-friendly interface with effective and integrated management of production, sales, orders, finance and accounting.

Basic information

Openbravo is the leading provider of Web-based ERP systems. He is known primarily for the unprecedented flexibility and „agility” for rapid response to changing business trends. Repeatedly awarded for its innovativness, it is used everyday by thousands of companies around the world. Its main advantage is the instant insight into the most relevant information from all areas of the enterprise, from anywhere and from any device. This gives you an immediate opportunity to assess the global condition of the company and that allows for the continued development of your business.

Flexibility, stability and low costs

Openbravo is a Commercial Open Source type of software. Open source means stable and advanced software, designed for individual requirements. As a result, customers enjoy the flexibility in modification of the system to meet the needs of their business, proven architecture and a reduction in overall costs. See other advantages of an Open Source license.


Master data management

  • Management of advanced product catalog
  • Product grouping
  • Management of prices
  • Management of detailed information about business partners
  • Support for the management of different types of contractors
  • Business partners grouping

Production management:

  • Process plan
  • Work requirement
  • Quality control
  • Maintenance orders
  • Internal consumption
  • Calculation of Standard costs
  • Creation of Production costs

Procurement management

  • Requisitions
  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase invoices
  • Goods receipt
  • Management of Returns to vendor

Sales management

  • Sales quotations
  • Sales orders
  • Goods shipment
  • Returns
  • Sales invoices
  • Commissions

Warehouse management

  • Warehouse and Storage bins
  • Physical inventory
  • Goods movements
  • Bill of Materials
  • Products average costs
  • Incoterm
  • Stock reservation

Material requirement planning

  • Manufacturing plan
  • Purchasing plan
  • MRP forecast

Project and Services management

  • Multiphase projects
  • Expense sheets

Financial management

  • Receivables and payables
  • Accounting
  • Assets

Analysis tools

  • Possibility to create complex reports concerning operation of the enterprise
  • A wide range of actions covering all areas of the company
  • Possibility of defining reports based on user criteria
  • Dozens of built-in reports from all areas of the  enterprise

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