The CRM personality of your company is: Forerunner

Your company is a real forerunner. You aspire to follow the latest trends, both in terms of the offered products and services as well as the technologies used internally. A true pioneer of the modern business!

You need a CRM software that can be integrated with other systems. You definitely understand the idea of Customer Experience and are looking for a way to create a comprehensive CX platform. It feels like common knowledge that the purchasing process begins long before the first contact with a supplier. You definitely realize how important it is to build a positive impression about the level of service before and after closing the deal, too.

You are willing to give up the responsibility of server maintenance and take advantage of the Software as a Service option. Looks like a CRM in a cloud will be the best solution for your growing business. You pay attention to how the interface looks like, too. So no more legacy software! You need something with a modern UI. In order to get all that you will need to take into account the cost of the licenses. But that should not be a problem, as the business looks fine.

Your needs are not specific enough to invest in further development of open source solutions. You would prefer not to change common industry standards just to fit minor individual requirements. Whatever the provider suggests should work in your case as well. The sooner you can start using the tool, the better.

Market recommendations are also important. You would be happy to know that other reputable businesses picked the same solution. So, let’s see those case studies and customer references. Below.

The system for your organization is: Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a modern, very popular solution that is used by many popular brands from around the world. Among Zendesk’s clients you will find such entities as: Netflix, Uber, Slack, Airbnb and Xerox. A great advantage of the “CRM by Zendesk” is the ability to quickly integrate it with other technological business solutions. Also, there are over 750 ready-to-install enhancements of the product.

They already love to use Zendesk.
Join them!

The manufacturer’s offer includes a whole range of products that complement the Customer Experience strategy. You can conveniently expand your system platform by launching new add-ons. It is also worth knowing that Zendesk is the market leader among CRM Customer Engagement solutions (as stated by Gartner, 2020).

If you are looking for software that is convenient to use, helps to optimize the work of the sales department, and above all, makes you effectively engage the customer – Zendesk Sell is your choice!

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