SugarCRM Mautic Integration

eVolpe has developed the only one of its kind, fully customizable integrator between SugarCRM and Mautic – the best open source marketing automation software.

Integration of CRM and Marketing Automation tools offers coherence of actions and comfort of working on only one data base. As a result of SugarCRM Mautic integration you will also gain full control over your company’s image at all stages of the Customer Journey!

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Basic functions offered by the SugarCRM & Mautic integrator:

Synchronizaion of personal records

Leads, Contacts and Prospects in SugarCRM are becoming fully synchronized with Contacts in Mautic. The synchronization is bilateral. New Contacts in Mautic are being automatically pushed to SugarCRM and saved as Leads.

Duplicate prevention

The synchronization of personal records is always done in “real time” to prevent creation of duplicates.

Combining history of activities on records

In Sugar in subpanel called “Marketing Activities”, we are collecting information of all the unique activities such as E-mail opening, attachment download, web page hit etc.

Scoring control

SugarCRM users can easily control the scoring granted to their customers as a result of marketing actions analyzed by Mautic.

Advanced automation

The Sugar users are also given the ability to set automatic actions in the CRM (for example to schedule a phone call) combined with the mautic actions.

Target lists’ synchronization

A convenient option is to upload created in SugarCRM Target Lists to Mautic.

Switching between systems

We have placed at Sugar an icon with the appropriate Mautic URL within corresponding records.

Simple marketing analytics

With the SugarCRM Reports module, it is possible to carry out in-depth e-marketing analytics.

Flexible, self-configured

Mapping of specific fields in Mautic and SugarCRM allows simple and self-reliant configuration.

Integration of E-mails

For those using SugarCRM Enterprise also all the E-mails sent with Mautic are being archived in SugarCRM under appropriate personal records.

As a result of the SugarCRM Mautic integration the company receives:

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eVolpe Consulting Group


eVolpe Consulting Group is an innovative Polish IT consultancy company providing services in the field of comprehensive business systems implementations based on Open Source license since 2009. In 2011, we joined the ranks of certified partners of SugarCRM Inc. and soon enough we have won a contest organized by SugarCRM for its partners (winner in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, Greece and Turkey). We are active members of the SugarCRM community and we are working with partners from around the world. We have created our own SugarCRM Mautic integration.